"From Seed to Seed"

a set of 4 DVDs

A series of educational films on seed production


Planting your own cabbages is great. But producing your own cabbage seeds is even better!

Many gardeners do not dare to embark on the adventure of producing their own seeds due to a lack of self-confidence or know-how and rely on seeds sold on a market increasingly dominated by big companies. 

The set of 4 DVDs « From Seed to Seed » is an educational tool, a sort of practical manual, that can be used by professional or amateur gardeners who wish to learn how to produce their own vegetable seeds.

From cabbages to peppers, carrots to eggplants, 32 films describe the cycle of different vegetables from seed to seed, the biology of their flowers,  how to extract, clean, sort, dry and store your seeds... You will also find eight other films on certain general principles. This « ABC » explains a number of theoretical and practical aspects of seed production, such as botanical classification, pollination, selection or isolation techniques. 

Producing your own seeds is a crucial step towards gaining food autonomy. This is particularly important in times of growing economic crisis and regular food scandals. It is also a simple way to break free of the increasing monopoly of multinational seed companies that privatise life and reduce the biodiversity in our gardens and plates.

By producing your own seeds you will contribute towards maintaining the vast heritage of heirloom varieties developed over countless generations that is fast disappearing. We must preserve this enormous diversity and ensure free access to it, as they are the seeds for the future. The only way to guarantee their survival is to cultivate them in our gardens and acquire the knowledge of how to multiply them.

“From Seed to Seed” is an ideal tool for individual gardeners, but also for schools, training programmes or seed swaps. Producing your seeds and enjoying the vegetables that grow from them is above all an infinite source of pleasure, sharing and satisfaction.

You can find more information and see a film on www.seedfilm.org

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