«Will the seeds that I got from my garden this summer germinate?»

«Won’t my tomatoes degenerate if I save their seeds every year?»

«Where are the seeds on my spinach plants?»

«But how on earth can I extract chicory seeds?»

"Oh really, seeds come after the flower?"

Which gardeners have not once asked themselves one of these questions?


Nature generously gives us its countless fruits, and if we wait a little, and have a little knowledge, each and every one of us can produce our own seeds. And yet there is a great lack of tools that explain these techniques. There are a few books, a few seminars and a few videos on You Tube… It is to make these practices available to a much wider international public that these films show in detail all the stages of the production of seeds. Each step, from the seedbed to the final seed, and every gesture have been filmed.


Multiplying one's own seeds is of course a pleasure, but it is also a necessity. Monsanto, Syngenta, Cargill, Limagrain and other multinational companies have still not solved world hunger despite their claims that they would. Far from it, their biotechnological chimeras, their genetically modified seeds and plants, make farmers dangerously dependant on the seed market dominated by these companies. Moreover, thanks to the tremendous efficiency of their lobbying, their monopoly is guaranteed by international legislation.


This is why the production of seeds is not and should never be left to such «professionals».


Let’s therefore regain self-confidence and learn the basics of seed production, and having done so, pass our knowledge, our experiences and seeds onto others around us.


These films are an educational tool, simple and easily understandable. The images are accompanied by spoken explanations and sometimes by animated drawings. They are intended for all those who wish to acquire the skills shared over thousands of years by millions of farmers throughout the planet who have nourished humanity.


Let’s get sowing…